Hi! I’m Rakshit Soral, a reliable Digital Marketer.

I believe marketing is all about conveying your message to consumers and convincing them to showinterest, and invest in your product & services



I work at Plutomen where I am designated as Demand Gen Manager.

What I do at Plutomen


Before that

I worked at Simform where I build scalable Digital Marketing Campaigns as a part of my work.

What I did at Simform


Before that

I worked at hoojook, building SEO and content marketing campaigns for two products.

What I did at hoojook


And before that

I worked at Carbay.com, building content related to automobiles that include news, auto-expos, articles, etc.

What I did at GirnarSoft (Carbay.com)

I enjoy writing about things I learn & I know, building scalable Digital Marketing campaigns, and learning a bit of web development, side-by-side.

When not in front of a screen I like to listen music, play guitar, read books, and binge-watch anime/ series.

Rakshit Soral portrait