Rakshit Soral

Hello Everybody, i am

Rakshit Soral

a Digital Marketer based in India

My passion includes achieving breakthroughing business results through data-driven internet marketing strategy.

  • 15th January, 1993
  • (+91) 9602542617
  • rakshitsoral@gmail.com
  • rakshit.soral

About Myself

I am a Digital Marketer at Simform, specializing in Content Marketing, SEO, Pay per click (PPC), Graphics and Web Designing. Experienced with SEO tools, Adobe Illustrator, Wordpress, Webflow and Social Media management.


Oct 2015 to

Inbound Marketer and Growth at Simform

Feb 2016 - Sept 2017

Digital Marketer at Hoojook

July 2015 - Jan 2016

Jr. news Reporter (Content and SEO)
at Girnar Softwares (CarBay.com)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Landing Page Optimization


Content Marketing


Adobe Illustrator


Website Designing



"It has been a good time working with Rakshit on various projects. He is competent and remains up to date with various upcoming technologies. He is a googler who is fond of researching about every topic which he has an eye on. This quality has made him more knowledgeable and dedicated towards his work. I wish him good luck for his bright future."

Alok Kumar, (Alok managed Rakshit directly at Hojook (RimTim Technologies) INC.)

"Rakshit is someone whom I can look up even during the toughest work deadlines. He never fails to amaze me with his ever learning attitude and positive mindset."

P Rajendra Kaushik, (Rakshit helped Rajendra scale his website traffic)
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